Downsizing in today’s world

Published on 1/22/2024

In today’s uncertain market place and ever-changing economy, now may be the time to down size where you live or work. With that move often comes the question for now that I am in a smaller place, where do I store all my stuff? Once you get re organized and all settled in and have the stuff you need now, the next questions is “now what” Some ideas might be to sell it or donate it or store it. Or maybe a combination of the three or four thoughts to consider how to make what you have left over fit into your life. One thing we can help you with is a place that is near you and covenant to get to 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Self-storage can be just the answer you are looking for. You can rent one big unit to pile it all in or rent several smaller units to help you get better organized or any combination in between.  No matter what you decide with just some simple planning you will be all organized and saving month over that high monthly house or two- or three-bedroom apartment you no longer need.