Can Google Help me find a self storage store near where I live?

Published on 2/19/2024
When Craig was looking for self storage in his area he used Google search to narrow down what self storage places were within 5 miles of his home. After that he used Google Maps to see where these places were in relation to where his home is. What this did is save time and frustration in locating a self storage store that was close to him and then he could start checking reviews, what different types of storage units were available and how much they each cost. Some self storage units he could rent monthly and some also had discounts for renting 6 months and 12 months at a time. Some had some very low move in cost but in just a few months the rates looked like they would go way up so he kept looking for a long term solution that was fair.. He did like that most of the places allowed access to his belongings 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Also of importance was a security system, cameras and gates and fences.  The thing he liked the most was being able to do all the renting on line from the comfort of his home. It was quick and easy and even the billing gets updated each month. He can even update everything on his account all on his own and giving himself complete control over his self storage needs. For rent, self storage units, Many different sizes and located in Allen Texas near Fairview, Princeton, Branch and Wylie Texas.